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Regrettably new podcasts are on hold and looking for the right person to continue what we started nearly four years ago.

I am in desperate need of relaunching our Beekeepers Programs and looking for someone to put this back together . One Night a month, same time, same day and either put together the content for each show themselves or simply interview beekeepers and vendors in the beekeeping industry.

This will be your show and following in the footsteps of the great podcasters and bee enthusiasts Bob Evans, Rob Overton or David Burns.
Listen to their beekeeping podcasts in our archives

Free Online Beekeeping Course

The Beekeeping Course is part of the programming and podcasts done by The Wildlife Pro network and recorded on

Listen to the following podcasts on this page then join us live for our remaining podcasts mentioned here. We love guest calling and sharing their own bee experiences with David Burns.  You will find David a devoted beekeeper , well researched and a gifted speaker.

Sites by Robb, The Wildlife Pro Network and Long Lane Honey Bee Farms presents A Fourteen Part Series On Becoming A Beekeeper designed for both  the beginning novice beekeeper and old beekeeper veteran alike. Listen to his pilot podcast Beekeeping4Pleasure and Profit .

“Our Host David Burns is a certified master beekeeper. David Burns operate Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, selling queens, beekeeping wooden ware, supplies, package bees, nucs and anything to do with honey bees. He also offer on site beekeeping courses and online lessons as well.”

We do a Beekeepers Podcast the third Thursday of every month for more info visit our podcast schedule for more information.

Jan 14, 2010 Sustainable Beekeeping,Queen Rearing and Overwintering

Special guests David & Sheri Burns of Long Lane Honey Bee Farms will be discussing Sustainable Beekeeping, Queen Rearing & Overwintering.

July 26, 2010  

Beekeeping 4Fun & Profit

Beekeeping is back on WpN. David Burns, has stepped and and will be our primary host & program director for future beekeeping podcasts. David is very knowledgeable great speaker and you may have already heard him in Jan 2010 doing a podcast for us. David & Robb Russell did about a one hour show with an interesting perspective on beekeeping in general. Kevin Dahn of the Alpena Mich area who does live bee removal services took part in some of the later discussion.

Aug 19, 2010 Intro to Beekeeping: Equipment I
David Burns came running out the gate with his Intro to Beekeeping podcast on beekeeping equipment and he covered from the hive stand up to the top of the hives. Much discussion went into the location of the hives, and how weather may effect them, bottom boards, hive bodies, supers, frames and we discussed them and went into detail with Co-Host Robb Russell and the evenings special guest<a href=””> Craig from</a> a fellow podcaster about bees.

September 16, Introduction to Beekeeping Part Two

David Burns just picked up from where he left last month and went into the rest of the beekeeping equipment .

Oct 21, 2010 Where Do I Put My Hive?

Believe it or not for the beginning beekeeper this is the first question they ask. David spends a whole night talking about how other things in the environment may or may not affect your hive. Don’t for get to put this one on your iPod.

November 18, 2010 The Honey Bee : Know Your Bees

David Burns and guest Jeff Dittemore discussed the different bee castes, the Queen, The Drone and the worker bees and their orles in thehive from gathering water, nectar etc to nursing the young and playing funeral home director cleaning up the dead and keeping the hive healthy and clean.

Many of the photos of this page are Courtesy Alachua Beekeepers Club, Alachua , Florida .